GN : Larp Symposium 2010

What’s the Larp Symposium?

We are proud to present you the Larp Symposium: a larp conference designed to improve cooperation between Italian larpers and to promote the exchange of ideas between larpers from Italy, Europe and the world, which will happen in Trieste (north-eastern Italy) on 24th-26th September 2010.

The Larp Symposium will feature a programme line in Italian, so to allow all the Italian larpers to join, and one in English, so to encourage international participation.

It will also host the European Larp Convention, providing a third programme track containing only presentations of national larp scenes, in English.

Any kind of event can be a programme item at the Larp Symposium: lectures, workshops, panel discussions, mini-larps… All the programme items will be freely provided by the participants.

But the main point in the Larp Symposium is not in the programme items: it is in meeting people from different larp scenes in Italy and abroad, to have fun together and to share ideas.

The Larp Symposium is modelled on Knutepunkt, the international larp conference which takes place in the Nordic countries every year since 1997.

To get more info, please write to and visit the rest of this website!

Larp Symposium 2010.

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