[Culture de l’Imaginaire] GN-LARP : Program — Knudepunkt 2011 – un rdv européen à ne pas manquer !

Program pic2More than 50 program items

We have received more ideas for program items than we ever dreamed of. Thank you very much! You are the best! We are now in the process of making them into the best program items ever, no matter if they are workshops, debates, lectures, showcase larps or something complete different.
Program pic1
But we still may have room for more. So if you have a brilliant idea for a program item, don’t hold back just because we passed our deadline. We may still be able to fit you in if you get in touch with us at: program@knudepunkt.org. As program items are confirmed, we’ll start releasing more detailed information on the specific items in the list of program items — so check back for updates.
The program schedule with times and places of program items will be released once we get closer to the actual Knudepunkt dates.
But until then, we offer this teaser…
  • We are preparing a toolbox with things like: Gender, dancing, creativity tools, project management, collective writing, long-term bleed, meta techniques, jeep secrets and game mechanics.
  • We are preparing documentation of: Swiss larping, Czech larping, Israeli larping, Russian sex (& larping), Nordic larping in the US, Mad about the boy, Delirium, forest jeeping, books, mistakes, female experiences, projects, werewolves, and academia.
  • We have heard that the future of larp may hold: a new magazine, a secret larp project, a larp in the world of Lars von Triers Riget, larping changing the world, impossible games, a larpfactory, emotions, trauma and personal change.
  • We are planning events such as: The Swedish party, the larp quiz, showcases of previous larps, experiments for future larps and many exciting social events
  • And we will also look at theories like: Conflicts and bleed, storytelling vs. post dramatic gaming, and more…

Program — Knudepunkt 2011.

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