[Spiritualités autochtones] Amérindiens : Three Rare White Bison Born In Bend – News Story – KTVZ Bend

Three white bison calves were born Mother’s Day weekend, and Monday, NewsChannel 21 got a first-hand look at the rare and majestic animals.

These are reportedly the first white bison ever born in the state, and join a herd of 14 others who live in a private ranch outside of Bend.White bison symbolize peace and prayer in certain Native American cultures — and the birth of three at once was an extraordinary event at the nonprofit, Sacred World Peace Alliance. »There are some prophecies that say if the buffalo come to the western shores, world peace will begin, » said the president of SWPA, Cynthia Hart-Button. « And we’re seeing changes. It’s a sign of change to the world. »Hart-Button added that according to history, the chances of a white buffalo being born is one in 10 million.She said having 14 in one herd is like hitting the jackpot for the Sacred World Peace Alliance.The initial herd of 11 white buffalo moved up from Arizona last August, when the owner of the herd’s dying wish was that they move to greener pastures. »We may have one, we may have two, but three? It means you guys have good grass in Oregon, » said Hart-Button. « Good roots and good organic land here. »These newly born white bison are not albino — those have pink noses and eyes, while these rare creatures have brown noses and blue eyes.Hart-Button said the calves were born big and strong — a good sign. »We’ve never had one quite this white before, » she said.Hart-Button said they hope to start breeding with ranchers who own brown buffalo some day, but are not quite there yet. Right now, the herd is in its fourth generation, and are DNA-tested to prove they are American bison.

Three Rare White Bison Born In Bend – News Story – KTVZ Bend.

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